NO ENCORE #029 | The Craig Fitzpatrick Escape Plan

Yep, it’s yet another episode where Craig flagrantly absconds from podcast duty. He’d not last a day in the Night’s Watch. To be fair to the boy, he was legitimately under the weather at time of recording. “Zombified”, apparently, which let’s be honest doesn’t sound great.

In his place, fellow Leixlip native, expert rocker of the microphone and Red Enemy frontman Kev “Lefty” Letford joins Dave Hanratty and Colm O’Regan on a particularly giddy edition that takes in the return of a legendary 80s pop group, hip hop upsetting Christian values, Robbie Williams offending all of Russia, Busted going all Maroon 5 meets Daft Punk and the final ever record from The Dillinger Escape Plan. Sob.


ACT ONE: You’re damn right; BROS are back! Dave is excited! Colm… isn’t. Plus, Jared Leto is a dickhead. Yeah, again.

ACT TWO (22:10): It’s YOUR beloved Songs Of The Week~! Robbie Williams, Busted, Niall Horan and Solange make up a decidedly mixed bag.

ACT THREE (41:30): Dave’s upset and Colm… isn’t. It gets tense as the boys bid a contentious farewell to The Dillinger Escape Plan as they bow out with their sixth and final album; Dissociation.

EXIT MUSIC: Bad Sea – ‘Solid Air’