NO ENCORE #030 | Nickelback In The Habit

Dave went to see Canadian rock ‘legends’ Nickelback in concert and lived to tell the tale, and tell it he does as NO ENCORE turns 30.

Dave and Craig are joined this time out by the returning Ruairi Lynch aka ace producer Bantum, who releases his second album THIS FRIDAY WOO HOO. It’s called Move and it’s well good. Want proof? Stay tuned til the very end for an exclusive play of the pulsating title track.

So it’s a busy episode as Dave recounts Chad Kroeger’s bar band writ large heroics, Bantum reveals all about the album he’s been working on for the past three-and-a-half years and Craig mercifully skips over his Budget duties. All that and the new Green Day record to consider. Get involved.


ACT ONE: Nickelback live and Bantum’s process, both laid bare.

ACT TWO (18:00): A seamless link leads to this week’s news which leads to talk of streaming services and artist grievances thereof, Bob Dylan scoops the Nobel Prize and Leonard Cohen makes a harrowing announcement that he would later backtrack on after this was recorded, so cheers Len.

ACT THREE (35:35): Songs Of The Week~! Death Cab For Cutie, Robin Thicke, Nas, Maroon 5, Kendrick Lamar, NxWorries and We Cut Corners all feature. Bonus points if you catch the part where Dave tried and failed to take a stealth bite of his sandwich.

ACT FOUR (59:20): Green Day return with their 12th studio album Revolution Radio, but have they run out of road?

EXIT MUSIC: Bantum – ‘Move’