NO ENCORE #033 | Two Ghosts, A Ghoul and a Podcast

Once upon a midnight dreary, Colm O’Regan returned from holidays to join Dave Hanratty and ethnomusicologist extraordinaire Andrea Cleary on the spookiest NO ENCORE yet. There’s terrifying tales aplenty in the world of music news, some ghoulish new songs and the haunting of We Cut Corners. (In other words, their new album is up for review.)


ACT ONE: The end of TXFM and a NO ENCORE-approved band, Muse Muse-ing so very hard indeed, ABBA go futuristic and what’s Ice Cube up to now?

ACT TWO (33:00): Run The Jewels return to lead the Songs Of The Week charge and there’s less instantly impressive turns from Pussy Riot, Drake, Pharrell and The Shins. Plus, what’s Colm’s problem with Julia Stiles?

ACT THREE (58:00): We Cut Corners release their third record, The Cadences of Others on Friday November 4. How does it measure up for the toughest critics in town?

Exit Music: Tim Curry – ‘Sweet Transvestite’