NO ENCORE #036 | Don’t Look Back In St. Anger

Packed, packed house this week in the NO ENCORE studio as film critic and American sports enthusiast Dave Higgins makes his grand return to the podcast and oft-referenced friend of the show Joshua Hughes comes in from the Toronto cold to make his glorious debut.

As ever, Dave Hanratty, Craig Fitzpatrick and Colm O’Regan bring you right up to date with everything intriguing from the world of music and beyond…


ACT ONE: Three of the five gentlemen went to see a David Lynch film and it wasn’t awkward at all, plus the two Daves report back from Arrival, where at least one screening had a surprise special guest in attendance. Yes, this is still primarily a music podcast.

ACT TWO (5:55): Reflections on the life and times of Leonard Cohen.

ACT THREE (18:00): In the news this week; Frank Ocean gives a rare interview, Prince’s estate gets into legal issues with Jay Z and Father John Misty is irked by a reality television show. Also, yet more embarrassing revelations from Dave’s musical past.

ACT FOUR (30:00): Give it up for the SONGS OF THE WEEK featuring Soulwax, Mango, Pissed Jeans, Noah Cyrus and Enemies.

ACT FIVE (50:40): Back with their first album in eight years – we’re choosing to pretend that Lulu never happened – have Metallica returned to form? Maybe.

EXIT MUSIC: Overhead, The Albatross – ‘Time’