NO ENCORE #037 | Don’t Hate The Players…

The NO ENCORE boys are back – not in town, for they already reside there – with all the happenings in the music world, with everything from Kanye West’s hospitalisation to We Cut Corners’ recent headline show in Temple Bar to the return of Kate Bush to the brand new and final ever Funeral Suits album all up for debate, so let’s do it to it…


ACT ONE: Further adventures in going to see David Lynch films on the big screen and 2/3 of the team report back from The Button Factory, where friends of the show We Cut Corners enjoyed a very special night indeed.

ACT TWO (6:40): The state of all things Kanye West leads the news this week, and there’s plenty of reflection and discussion to be had. Meanwhile, Yasiin Bey finally gets the green light to leave South Africa, The Game is coming to Dublin amidst some pretty awful revelations and, in happier news, Kate Bush is back.

ACT THREE (30:00): It’s your glorious Songs Of The Week. Rising hometown hip hop outfit Hare Squead lead the charge and there’s new material from Theophilus London, Angel Haze, Father John Misty and The Weeknd.

ACT FOUR (47:20): Break out your Sunday best, for Funeral Suits are no more. Their sophomore record represents a parting gift; but is Islands Apart a tricky farewell or a terrific death?

Exit Music: Funeral Suits – ‘Crowded Out’