NO ENCORE #038 | The Weeknd Has Landed

With a thud, unfortunately. In the final ‘regular’ episode of the year – LISTMANIA is right around the corner, folks! – the NO ENCORE boys tackle Abel Tesfaye’s latest effort for global pop domination – Starboy. Before that, there’s much to ponder from flat-pack furniture to impromptu quizzes to the use of Nickelback as a drink-driving deterrent to new songs and the usual love-in with Dave, Colm and Craig.


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ACT ONE: Colm briefly recaps his two trips to IKEA before Dave surprises his co-hosts during an important Spotify discussion. There’s also a Kate Bush update and Garth Brooks has things to say.

ACT TWO (24:10): Paul Simon, Burial, Run The Jewels, Hamilton + Rostam and Imagine Dragons make up YOUR Songs of the Week.

ACT THREE (39:10): There’s been some mad hype for The Weeknd and Starboy for a while on the show at this point – can it possibly live up to expectations?

EXIT MUSIC: Envoy – ‘Bleached Apostle’

Check out Envoy’s album of the same name – “It’s really really great”, says Dave – on his Soundcloud page