NO ENCORE #042 | Spoiled For Choice

The RTE Choice Music Prize, that is. This week, your NO ENCORE wrecking crew boasts a roundtable of academic music-related excellence as it welcomes back Kieran McGuinness of Delorentos fame alongside your regular trio of Dave, Craig and Colm.

On the agenda – why, the aforementioned rundown of the apparent Top 10 best Irish albums of 2016, but like Highlander there can be only one. Luckily, a wealth of experience is on hand to guide you through it all. Not only that, but there’s an in-depth look at how to navigate the sonic waters of one David Bowie and all the usual rigmarole.


ACT ONE: An exciting and imminent new aspect of NO ENCORE is revealed…

ACT TWO (5:07): A look at this year’s Choice Music Prize and personal insight into years past.

ACT THREE (20:40): Other news, concerning underground artists U2 and Barack Obama.

ACT FOUR (29:10): Ed Sheeran leads the Songs of the Week charge, which features turns from Zuzu, Alicia Keys, Peter Silberman and the return of shoegaze heritage act Slowdive.

ACT FIVE (50:50): A brand new segment makes its debut – the Listening Guide goes all in on the catalogue of the late and wonderful David Bowie.

EXIT MUSIC: Divan – ‘Shards’