NO ENCORE #043 | The XX Factor

With The Revisit up and running – and tickets for the live spectacular on March 2 now on sale – it’s all go for the NO ENCORE trio of late. But when the mics are on it’s business as usual as Dave, Colm and Craig discuss and dissect the week’s goings-on, from festival rebranding and the return of Craig on Kanye to the new tunes making their way to your ears this week. Also, details of a special episode on the way this week, and a mind-bending/infuriating/potentially soul-stealing pop quiz too.


ACT ONE: Learn why you never chat near Colm at a gig, who’s been chatting with the lads for a weird and wonderful episode landing in a few day’s time, and the quite superb line-up for NO ENCORE LIVE is unveiled.

ACT TWO (7:15): What the future holds for Glastonbury, why Kanye had a weekend off, and the latest on the twin terrors of Mike Tyson and Gene Simmons. Also, the equally petrifying pair that is Dave and Producer Alan ambush Colm and Craig with a fiendish pop-quiz.

ACT THREE (23:30): The rule is run over fresh efforts from newcomer Maggie Rogers and comparative veterans Los Campesinos, as well as two notable releases aimed at alternative facts fan and leader of the free world, Donald Trump.

ACT FOUR (35:33): I See You, the third album from The XX, lands under the microscope this week. Will it be maudlin mediocrity or perfect progress? New LPs from AFI and The Flaming Lips get the critical treatment too.

EXIT MUSIC: Pale Rivers – ‘August 6th

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