NO ENCORE #046 | Alternative Facts on Little Fictions

The streak is over. It was going to take something serious for Dave Hanratty to miss a recording for the first time, but a suspected bout of tonsillitis – [Dave note: a seven-hour spell in A&E confirmed that it’s actually glandular fever and I’m hating life right now] has felled the NO ENCORE mainstay this week.

Regardless, his able colleagues Colm O’Regan and Craig Fitzpatrick take the reins. Up for discussion – the importance of this week’s Grammy awards, the musical tastes of David Beckham, and whether live venues should turn it up to 11. New tracks from Future Islands and the returning Jamiroquai get the once-over, and there’s a lengthy meditation on the new album from the drinking man’s indie band, Elbow.

A reminder, if it’s needed, that the countdown to the live extravaganza on March 2 is well and truly underway – visit to grab your tickets for the Workman’s Club spectacular.


ACT ONE: Why late-night wrestling is no laughing matter, and why you don’t want Craig on your stag do.

ACT TWO (3:45): Do Grammys matter, do footballers have taste, and do our ears hurt enough at gigs? Our terrible twosome explore these questions and more.

ACT THREE (21:25): Comeback kings (and queen), dad dancing, and a spanking new supergroup all come under the microscope as the biggest songs of the past seven days get the critical treatment.

ACT FOUR (36:00): Yes, Colm gets the name wrong – too much time talking with The Strypes, perhaps – but as Elbow’s Little Fictions hits shelves, is it worth your time?

EXIT MUSIC: Elaine Mai – ‘Enniscrone’

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