NO ENCORE #047 | Trust The Process

Colm O’Regan and Craig Fitzpatrick are again embarking on a two-man expedition through the murky waters of the music world this week, as the half-century mark draws ever closer for NO ENCORE (tickets for the landmark live show available HERE).

One of the first buzz albums of the year, Sampha’s Process, is in the critical crosshairs, as are tracks from a Swedish eccentric, new wave flagbearers, and disco revivalists. There’s also reunion gigs that double as nightmare fuel, questions over the real Slim Shady, and – perhaps most unlikely of all – an in-depth discussion of Malawi (it makes sense in context, promise).


ACT ONE: Our hosts recover from Super Bowl LI, and reveal why stereo is distinctly preferable to its alternative…

ACT TWO (4:25): The drums of Africa call for Craig, Colm falls down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole with Tom DeLonge and Eminem for company, and a 90s pop freak-show recalls live disasters of the past.

ACT THREE (22:10): New ‘uns from Dirty Projectors, Depeche Mode, Hercules & Love Affair and Jens Lekman get the once over.

ACT FOUR (35:35): The long-awaited, and much-praised, debut effort from Londoner Sampha has landed. His CV shows that the likes of Kanye West, Frank Ocean and Drake are already fully-paid members of the fan club – but will our boys be joining them?

EXIT MUSIC: Participant – ‘Your Better’ (Villagers Club Remix)