NO ENCORE #048 | ¡Participant Participates!

Reunited – and it feels so good! Emerging from his period of convalescence with a brand new lease on life, Dave Hanratty rejoins Colm O’Regan and Craig Fitzpatrick to consider another week in music. Along the way, they also welcome Participant, who gears up for his Sampler EP launch with a classic NO ENCORE grilling. Elsewhere, there’s reaction to the much-maligned Grammy awards, a few surprising new tracks, and our intrepid trio find themselves rather divided as they review the new album from Los Campesinos! Of course, there’s also chat about NO ENCORE LIVE, which is now just 10 days away – get your tickets from


ACT ONE: Dave celebrates escaping the clutches of Death, and reflects on the shows he missed.

ACT TWO (4:30): Beyonce’s Grammy snub, Mick Jagger forgetting he wrote a book and the unlikely pairing of Metallica and Lady Gaga – there’s plenty to discuss from the week’s news.

ACT THREE (17:06): The boys are joined by Participant, where everything from gimp masks to live-show experimentation is on the agenda.

ACT FOUR (35:40): Fresh efforts from Animal Collective, Passion Pit, Linkin Park and more fall under the microscope as conversation turns to the Songs of the Week.

ACT FIVE (49:30): The – wildly diverging – verdicts are in on Sick Scenes, the new album from Los Campesinos!