NO ENCORE #051 | Beef With Hans Zimmer

What can possibly be left to say about Ed Sheeran, ‘Galway Girl’ and its parent record? Plenty, as it turns out.

With Colm off performing jury duty, Dave and Craig are joined by their former Hot Press colleague Celina Murphy to try and make sense of things. Well, as best they can at least…


ACT ONE: A rocky start leads to a warm reunion after some brief live show fallout.

ACT TWO (3:00): Following his stint presiding over this year’s Choice Music Prize, the right honourable judge Colm O’Regan delivers the immediate reaction from the winners – Rusangano Family.

ACT THREE (9:40): Further Choice Prize musings pave the way for this week’s news agenda; a vivid concoction of Ed Sheeran, Jack White, Phil Collins and another awards show that didn’t quite go to plan.

ACT FOUR (27:30): It’s the always-exciting Songs Of The Week! Lorde is back and Dave is not having it. Elsewhere, there’s new noise from alt-j, Fleet Foxes, Girlpool and Fatboy Slim.

ACT FIVE (48:45): Ed Sheeran has released what will no doubt go down as one of the biggest-selling albums of 2017, but how does Divide shape up?

EXIT MUSIC: Paddy Hanna – ‘Bad Boys’