NO ENCORE #055 | The Ultimate Thrill Ride

The rumours are true – Dave and Colm stayed up til much too late/early to watch all seven hours of this year’s WrestleMania spectacular. Craig, evidently much more of a grown man, did not. With things already tense between our intrepid trio, does this mean for the future of NO ENCORE?!

The Ultimate Thrill Ride:


ACT ONE: Recapping the aforementioned grapple-fest and Run The Jewels’ visit to Dublin.

ACT TWO: An ad about a soft drink causes chaos, Britney Spears disrupts politics, Spotify offers more bang for your buck and Adele gives Harry Styles the most passive-aggressive present ever.

ACT THREE: Dave owns up to a dick move at Run The Jewels as the Songs of the Week brings new blood from R.S.A.G, Joey Bada$$, RAC, Mount Kimbie, John Mayer and Calvin Harris.

ACT FOUR: Elegant and wistful as ever, Fionn Regan returns with fifth full-length The Meetings of the Waters and the NO ENCORE wrecking crew have their say.

EXIT MUSIC: Le Galaxie – ‘Pleasure’