NO ENCORE #061 | So Much Styles That It’s Wasted

Happy Twin Peaks day, everyone! Er, that is if you’re listening to this on the Monday. If not, fear not, for the NO ENCORE wrecking crew kick this edition off with some thoughts on the cult phenomenon. Talk soon moves to the sad passing of grunge icon Chris Cornell before the gang settle into the usual fun and games…


ACT ONE: The aforementioned happenings plus Jeremy Corbyn’s grime credentials, Avril Lavigne’s possible demise and a fresh look at The Strokes and how Ryan Adams might have fucked everything up.

ACT TWO: A bumper Songs of the Week unites Mogwai, Muse, Miley Cyrus, The Strypes, Broken Social Scene and Selena Gomez.

ACT THREE: A series of freak technical glitches usher in the trio’s take on Harry Styles and his big solo debut.

EXIT MUSIC: Soundgarden – ‘Black Hole Sun’