NO ENCORE #067 | Craig’s Microphone Wasn’t Switched On

Look, it happens. The bad news is that this episode of NO ENCORE finds that Craig’s tones are less dulcet than usual. The good news is that you can still hear him, but yeah, technical difficulties tried to scupper the gang BUT TO NO AVAIL.

Colm makes his grand return as does former guest and serious news-man Richard Chambers on a packed episode in which many laughs are had.


ACT ONE: The gang talk about Glastonbury, despite none of them being there.

ACT TWO: In the news this week; Hulk Hogan, influencers, Robbie Williams and not so smooth criminals.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week! Listen to new cuts from Kodaline, Mogwai, The National and Desiigner.

ACT FOUR: Hey, it’s another two-album smackdown. The verdict on HAIM and Vince Staples (which featured in HeadStuff’s Top 10 Albums of 2017…so far).

EXIT MUSIC: Wyvern Lingo – ‘I Love You Sadie’