NO ENCORE #070 | We Talkin’ U2 To You

NO ENCORE is, in fact, talkin’ U2 to you this week as the boys park the regular album review segment to… construct their very own U2 record! Elsewhere, there’s all the usual noise with big news, Songs of the Week and Colm’s personal Top 10 songs of all time…


ACT ONE: A report from this year’s Longitude festival. Kinda.

ACT TWO: In the news – Ed Sheeran swaps Game of Thrones for The Simpsons, rock is officially dead, Kid Rock has big plans and wait, what’s the most streamed song of all time now?

ACT THREE: Garbage, Selena Gomez, Andrew Hung, Chance The Rapper and The War On Drugs duke it out in the Songs of the Week.

ACT FOUR: The fabulous NO ENCORE Listening Guide returns to look at U2…

EXIT MUSIC: Dermot Kennedy – ‘A Closeness’