NO ENCORE #073 | Left Foot, Right Foot, Header

In which Colm absconds to his native land of Cork for frivolity and thus a tired Dave and buoyant Craig are forced to bring in a ringer. That ringer? None other than David A. Tapley of famously dormant dream-pop shoegaze outfit Tandem Felix. Chaos ensues.


ACT ONE: The loosest preamble ever featuring roving reporter David Tapley and some thoughts on classic ’90s cinema.

ACT TWO: A fairly scattershot news agenda.

ACT THREE: A stacked Songs of the Week with the debut of Fish In A Barrel Corner.

ACT FOUR: No album this week as Dave wanted none of Randy Newman and so instead the boys celebrate the return of football in the only way imaginable.

EXIT MUSIC: BODIES – ‘I’m Waiting’