NO ENCORE #074 | Cribbed For Your Pleasure

YOUR terrible/terrific NO ENCORE trio are reunited and it feels so good. It’s an all killer, no filler episode as Dave, Craig and Colm get straight to the point, keep it real and some other generic way of saying ‘Hey, just listen to the episode, yeah?’


ACT ONE: More misery for Drake, Jay-Z speaks sense, Flea fights for the kids, and how to pay grim tribute to The King.

ACT TWO: A totally random Songs of the Week unites Lil Peep, Queens of the Stone Age, LCD Soundsystem, Pink and Alice Glass.

ACT THREE: The Cribs are one of the few acts to survive the ‘New Rock Revolution’ of the early 2000s. The Wakefield trio are back with a Steve Albini-produced raw ‘in the garage’ effort. Any use?

EXIT MUSIC: Moving Still ft. Xona and Ian McFarlane – ‘Green Light’