NO ENCORE #076 | Swifty Shellshock

Halloween comes early as resident spookologist and HeadStuff music editor Andrea Cleary makes her NO ENCORE return in the absence of one Craig Fitzpatrick. She joins Dave Hanratty and Colm O’Regan on a packed episode that features a lot of Taylor Swift chatter. Like, a lot.


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ACT ONE: A news agenda dominated by one T. Swift, an important Kendrick Lamar update, and should we care about the decay of MTV VMAs and The Simpsons?

ACT TWO: Songs of the Week with Taylor Swift and other performers including U2, Mastodon, Wolf Parade and Frank Ocean.

ACT THREE: Another double helping of album reviews as the guys break out the guitars and take the temperature of rock in 2017 with turns from The War On Drugs and Queens Of The Stone Age.

EXIT MUSIC: Tandem Felix – ‘Were You There (When They Crucified The Birthday Boy)?’