NO ENCORE #078 | Rock, Rock, Pop-Pop-Pop

As the live show draws near, the NO ENCORE boys are in full voice as they round up the news, tackle a big new album release and invite a rising Dublin sensation to the dance.


NO ENCORE LIVE II featuring Overhead, the Albatross, Elaine Mai and Daithí is live in Whelan’s as part of the Dublin Podcast Festival on Thursday September 28th.

ACT ONE: A laconic live review and the week’s news, featuring Rubberbandits, Selena Gomez, Harrison Ford, Gene Simmons of KISS fame, and how Justin Bieber ticked off Marilyn Manson.

ACT TWO: The ever-lively songs of the week kicks off with the return of the aforementioned shock rocker, and makes room for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nadine Coyle, a Zayn/Sia collab, and Sam Smith.

ACT THREE: Fresh from storming Electric Picnic, Dublin grime hero Mango stops by for a chat.

ACT FOUR: The National return with seventh album Sleep Well Beast. Will Dave fall in love again?

EXIT MUSIC: Overhead, The Albatross – ‘Big River Man’