NO ENCORE #079 | Last Chance To Dance

It’s the final stop before NO ENCORE LIVE II hits Whelan’s and the boys are very excited indeed. What’s more, a year-long saga is finally resolved as ace DJ extraordinaire Claire Beck hops into the guest co-host seat. Chaos ensues.


ACT ONE: Why it’s best not to Google Avril Lavigne, David Lynch talks David Bowie, Rolling Stone has an uncertain future, Juggalos hit the streets and what’s that about My Bloody Valentine, now?

ACT TWO: A ferocious Songs of the Week makes time for Fall Out Boy, Bjork, Macklemore and Kesha, Morrissey, and Niall Horan.

ACT THREE: Two albums under the microscope as the panel take on Rostam and Ariel Pink.

EXIT MUSIC: Elaine Mai – ‘The Colour Of The Night’