NO ENCORE #083 | Four Drink Minimum

The boys are back and the show is packed as NO ENCORE tackles everything from Eminem’s freestyle to the new Kelela record, while also throwing out a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT on a highly professional episode.


ACT ONE: Brush up on your 2017 knowledge, kids. There’s a pop culture storm coming. Also, Dave went to a show, and a reminder that NO ENCORE hits up Galway on Saturday November 4.

ACT TWO: In the news – Eminem, Anthony Fantano, Maroon 5, and a festival in possible trouble.

ACT THREE: A stacked Songs of the Week takes in Noel Gallagher, Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, Sam Smith, Hamilton Leithauser, Angel Olsen, and The Go! Team.

ACT FOUR: A long time in the making, Kelela’s Take Me Apart goes under the review microscope.

EXIT MUSIC: Ailbhe Reddy – ‘The Tube’