NO ENCORE #088 | Taylor Made (A Divisive Album)

NO ENCORE returns to tackle this week’s musical happenings as Fionnuala Jones makes her grand debut alongside Dave and Colm, with Craig once again succumbing to the horrors of college work.

With everything from impromptu gigs to the new Taylor Swift album up for discussion, it’s a busy one so let’s get to it…


ACT ONE: Dave recalls his last-minute trip to Depeche Mode before a heavy news agenda takes over. The bit about Bob Geldof is kinda funny, though.

ACT TWO: Songs of the Week featuring Eminem & Beyoncé, Taio Cruz, Bitch Falcon, Stone Temple Pilots and Hatchie.

ACT THREE: Everyone’s talking about it even if they still haven’t heard it yet – Taylor Swift and her Reputation get a grilling.

EXIT MUSIC: Super Extra Bonus Party – ‘Switzerland’

You can read HeadStuff’s interview with the Bonus Party, as they talk about the Choice Prize win, the freedom of genre hopping and their brand new single HERE