NO ENCORE #098 | Live in Cork for the Quarter Block Party Festival~!

NO ENCORE finally goes to Colm’s neck of the woods as the podcast touches down in Cork for the Quarter Block Party festival.

A lively episode takes in everything from the new Franz Ferdinand album to Justin Timberlake‘s dodgy innuendo to Quincy Jones sounding off in eyebrow-raising fashion, while welcoming guests in the form of Tandem Felix and O Emperor.

ACT ONE: Excitement and news, plus a rundown of this year’s Choice Music Prize Song of the Year shortlist.

ACT TWO: David Tapley plays a song.

ACT THREE: David Tapley sticks around to cast judgement on other songs.

ACT FOUR: The main trio rain down fire judgement on the new Franz Ferdinand offering.

ACT FIVE: Phil from O Emperor pops by for a chat.

EXIT MUSIC: O Emperor – ‘Make It Rain’