NO ENCORE #099 | In The Belly Of The Rock-Beast

NO ENCORE returns to HeadStuff HQ with special guest Fionnuala Jones following last weekend’s gallivanting about at the Quarter Block Party festival in Cork.

On a busy, spirited agenda – Kendrick Lamar’s triumphant visit to Dublin, Justin Timberlake’s less heroic new album, and the podcast debut of Daphne & Celeste. Not in person, sadly, but maybe some day…

ACT ONE: K-Dot conquered the 3Arena, and the gang were suitably impressed.

ACT TWO: Noel Edmonds, Quincy Jones (again), David Bowie and Cher. It’s the news.

ACT THREE: The scariest woodland outing since The Blair Witch Project sees Justin Timberlake become a Man of the Woods. NO ENCORE rains down fire judgement upon him.

ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week with Ought, Kate Nash, Albert Hammond Jr., Busta Rhymes (and friends) and, as promised, Daphne & Celeste.

EXIT MUSIC: Laoise – ‘Bother’