NO ENCORE #108 | Death To The Synth Marimba

NO ENCORE is back back back and it’s brought a fresh Listening Guide along for company.

This time out, Craig takes a deep dive into all things Manic Street Preachers, before latest album Resistance Is Futile goes under the review-a-scope.

Elsewhere, poor life decisions abound as Dave and Colm pull an all-nighter to take in WrestleMania, and the boys make their latest bold ‘Sound of the Summer’ claim.

ACT ONE: Dave went to a gig that was so intense it had to be shut down, but there was still time for him to be publicly shamed.

ACT TWO: News!

ACT THREE: The Listening Guide goes all Manic Street Preachers.

ACT FOUR: And for the sake of symmetry, the newest Manics album gets some in-depth discussion, too.

ACT FIVE: Songs of the Week with Drake, Johnny Marr, Zayn, Friendly Fires, Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa.

EXIT MUSIC: Meltybrains? | ‘Horizon’

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