NO ENCORE #109 | Music Sounds Better With Us

Morning, afternoon, good evening, whichever applies.

The good ship NO ENCORE returns with something of a grab bag episode due to things changing on the fly during recording in exciting fashion. But don’t worry, all will be explained and added value shall be present.

ACT ONE: Hey, anyone catch Beyoncé at Coachella?

ACT TWO: Kendrick Lamar takes home a Pulitzer, Kanye West returns to social media, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame causes some minor controversy, and Dave’s nu metal past comes back to haunt him. Again.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week featuring Deafheaven, Florence + The Machine, Nicki Minaj, DJ Koze and Kid Cudi.

EXIT MUSIC:  Stardust | ‘Music Sounds Better With You’