NO ENCORE #113 | Daithí’s Hair Barber

The boy Daithí grabs the driver’s seat with Andrea Cleary riding shotgun as Craig clings on to the roof rack, NO ENCORE unable to shake him loose.

That’s right, it’s your classic super-sub situation as the absent Dave and Colm are duly filled in for, and they chose a busy week to miss out on.

On this week’s show; the intense power of Childish Gambino, the latest full-length from Jon Hopkins, a chat with Slow Skies as her new album takes flight, and all the other major goings on… the Eurovision, we talk about the Eurovision, okay?

ACT ONE: Karen Sheridan of Slow Skies fame drops by to talk debut album Realign, which is out now and thus you should go check it out once this here podcast concludes.

ACT TWO: DJ Khaled will not go down, Elon Musk and Grimes set the gossip columns ablaze, Donald Glover sets America ablaze, while Taylor Swift squashes one beef and extends another – it’s the news.

ACT THREE: Jon Hopkins is back to shatter minds and hearts with Singularity, but is that a good thing? Daithí certainly thinks so, anyway…

ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week with Childish Gambino, Florence + The Machine, Skepta, Jungle and Jimmy Eat World.

EXIT MUSIC: Slow Skies – ‘Fire’