NO ENCORE #116 | God’s Favourite Broadcasters

Greetings! NO ENCORE is a house reestablished as your OG Wrecking Crew finally reconvene.

But that’s not good enough, so there’s a guest onboard for company.

On the agenda; music’s most scorching beef of the moment, the new album from one Father John Misty, a live report of his Dublin visit – and Broken Social Scene’s own big night out in the capital – and plenty of new songs and so on…

ACT ONE: Couple of Monday night gigs, why not.

ACT TWO: Making sense of Pusha T and Drake, Censorship Corner, Rita Ora and Charli XCX in hot water and a small rant about busking.

ACT THREE: Father John Misty. God’s Favourite Customer. Reviewed.

ACT FOUR: Songs of the Week with Pusha T, Maggie Rogers, The Internet, A$AP Rocky and the strange marriage of Underworld and Iggy Pop.

EXIT MUSIC: Galants – ‘In Vain’