NO ENCORE #013 | The Plot Thickens

The gang are back together and are joined by guest co-host Zara Hedderman. Zara is a music writer who specialises in the kind of jokes that can only be described as ‘your mileage may vary’. She’s right at home on a rambunctious episode that includes live reviews, new tunes, a wretched album by a band who should probably give up and a pretty spectacular audio breakdown right at the very, very end. Enjoy.

ACT ONE: Joyous unions, further murderous birds and live reports, oh my. Craig explains why he was absent from last week’s episode and Dave runs down Body & Soul 2016 before retiring from festival duty forever. Yes, again.

ACT TWO (17.35) Tom DeLonge wants to protect us from the aliens, 50 Cent throws a strop and a cast of A-List musicians are out to get YouTube.

ACT THREE (27:16) New music from Sigur Rós, The Avalanches, Twenty One Pilots, Kaiser Chiefs and Portishead.

ACT FOUR (49:40): Much to everyone except Craig’s chagrin, the new album from rock-funk titans Red Hot Chili Peppers goes under the microscope. Bonus: 10 of the very worst Anthony Kiedis lyrics for your listening pleasure.

EXIT MUSIC: Emma Langford – ‘You Are Not Mine’

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