NO ENCORE #133 | Who Will Survive In Athy?

Four revellers happy to be out of the spirit-dampening storm, the boys are back on the NO ENCORE beat once again.

They’re not alone, either, as Conall and John of We Cut Corners drop by to discuss their new album Imposters. 

Elsewhere there’s a massive Irish album to discuss, some blasts from the past with new tracks, and Colm almost dying from a fit of laughter – let’s crack on…

ACT ONE: Kevin Sharkey’s bid bites the dust, the economic pressures of music in Dublin are illustrated once again, and the fourteen horsemen of the popocalypse are on the ride – it’s the news…

ACT TWO: Two men who make Dave Grohl seem like a galloping bell-end, the We Cut Corners boys pull up a seat to chat new album, old habits, and what they’d play on The O.C. if The Bait Shop came calling/it was 2005.

ACT THREE: The lads sink their teeth into a record bound to cause a splash – but has Conor O’Brien produced another masterstroke as Villagers return with The Art Of Pretending To Swim?

ACT FOUR: Remember The Ting Tings? Yes?! Well you’re going to bloody love Songs of the Week then. Also, for the record, featuring Smashing Pumpkins, Health, All Tvvins, and “Avril Lavigne”.

EXIT MUSIC: Roisin Murphy, ‘Jacuzzi Rollercoaster’