With just over a week until NO ENCORE gets its live show on at The Workmans Club – grab your tickets here if you haven’t done so yet – the fab four are in fine fettle for another run through the burning issues of the week. From over-enthusiastic two-stepping to an Anglo-American union more horrifying than anything Galloway could have envisaged, there’s lots to discuss, so let’s not dilly-dally with this introduction any further, yeah?

ACT ONE: A rare peek at Chic, pain at Shania Twain, and a steaming cup of Korn in the morn’ – it’s the news…

ACT TWO: Just the six years after announcing it, Tha Carter V has landed. Lil Wayne’s claim to the title of “the greatest rapper alive” hasn’t seemed too strong in recent times – does his twelfth (yeah, twelfth) studio album change that?

ACT THREE: It was going to take a lot to knock Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper off the “odd couple” perch this week…and then in rocked Olly Murs and Snoop Dogg! Collaborator-less efforts from SOAK, Art Brut and Sharon von Etten round out the Songs of the Week.

EXIT MUSIC: Lilla Vargen, ‘Believe Me’