NO ENCORE #139 | The Haunting of Chill House

Because Daithí sometimes makes chill house music and he got spooked by a new horror film.

The best gags are the ones you have to explain, right? Another packed NO ENCORE sees ace photographer Ruth Medjber stop by for a chat ahead of her new exhibition. Meanwhile, the guys reflect on elections, gigs and scary movies…

ACT ONE: The real reason why Michael D. Higgins retained the Presidency and reviews of The Voidz and Metropolis. Plus, details of the NO ENCORE Quiz of the Year~!

ACT TWO: The news takes in the passing of John Reynolds, a vicious burial of Post Malone, why Pharrell isn’t ‘Happy’ and a couple of other items, too.

ACT THREE: Ruth Medjber has been down the front at gigs for the past 10 years, capturing some of the strongest imagery in a demanding and competitive field.

Ahead of her forthcoming exhibition at the Fumbally Exchange in Dublin, she tells the guys all about touring with Arcade Fire, only getting 30 seconds to shoot Beyoncé and what inspired her to get into this fascinating game.

ACT FOUR: A special double review as the boys take on Thom Yorke’s soundtrack to the Suspiria remake while also running the rule over the film itself.

ACT FIVE: Songs of the Week with the return of Slipknot and four other songs that Dave couldn’t possibly care as much about.

EXIT MUSIC: Maria Somerville – ‘Eyes Don’t Say It’