NO ENCORE #142 | Rage Against The Corinne

It’s a Bailey Rae kinda day as the full NO ENCORE complement are reunited for the first time in who-knows-how-long. The new album from Anderson .Paak is up for discussion, as is the wisdom of sharing stage times before gigs. Throw in Snoop getting a well-deserved honour, Dan Brown getting a long-overdue mention, and Colm’s primer on German post-war schmaltz pop, and you’ve got one helluva fun time.

ACT ONE: Dave is right. There’s conversation about the M.I.A. documentary, online defence of The Strypes and #aGoodNightsSleep, but ‘Dave is right’ is basically what it comes down to.

ACT TWO: The news of the week includes a Dogg on a Walk, posh banjo-pluckers overshooting the mark, and U2 making bank. Also, Forbes revamp the Gregorian calendar, and there’s a slightly premature Christmas gift guide. Tis (almost) the season, after all…

ACT THREE: Anderson .Paak is one of music’s hottest properties – and the last in his beach trilogy, Oxnard, is in the line of fire this week. Will it be warmly received, or has the sun set on Dre’s new favourite son’s day in the sun?

ACT FOUR: Irish hip-hop. Canadian blandness. A superstar collaboration. Bloody Dido. There’s quite the grab bag lined up for Songs Of The Week. And that’s without even mentioning Papa Roach.

EXIT MUSIC: Talos, ‘See Me’