NO ENCORE #143 | Tactical Espionage Action

She’s back! Zara Hedderman on that co-host beat for what turns out to be quite a charged episode.

NO ENCORE also welcomes 3/5 of SPIES as they celebrate the long-awaited release of debut album Constancy, which is great so do go check it out. And then there’s the new 1975 record…

ACT ONE: Zara discovers the Rocky franchise.

ACT TWO: A heavy enough news section.

ACT THREE: The 1975′ A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships has been called “the millennial answer to OK Computer” but perhaps there’s something more sinister at play. It gets heated as the team examine what is sure to go down as one of the year’s most divisive releases.

ACT FOUR: Them SPIES boys in the house.

ACT FIVE: Songs of the Week with Grimes, Jeff Tweedy, Kelly Rowland, Versatile and the mysterious yet familiar Los Unidades.

EXIT MUSIC: Delorentos – ‘Be Here Christmas Time’