NO ENCORE #147 | Heathcliff, It’s Me, Not Tory, I’ve Come Home

And then there were two… Plus two more! With Dave and Craig mourning a very-much-alive Colm and missing a very-much-in-Sri-Lanka Daithí, the esteemed and ever-entertaining Andrea Cleary and Fionnuala Jones endeavour to make NO ENCORE great again. And how.

A jam-packed episode to kickstart the year, let’s goooooo…..

ACT ONE: News in 2019: R. Kelly is officially a monster, Axl Rose is officially a cartoon, Jonny Greenwood is Marty Funkhouser and Kate Bush is still cool. She’s always been cool. Plus, who’s gonna win the Choice Music Prize?

ACT TWO: It’s the return of Westlife – with a little help from Ed Sheeran. Shakespeare comparisons ensue. Can Sharon Van Etten, D’Angelo, Dermot Kennedy and Noname restore Craig’s sanity in Songs Of The Week?

ACT THREE: Her music famously made Pharrell get all misty-eyed on camera, but can Maggie Rogers deliver on the promise with her major label debut? We run the rule over Heard It In A Past Life.