NO ENCORE #003 | They Called Us The Pod Kids

‘Cause we loved the pod hits and quoted the best bits.

For the third episode of the NO ENCORE podcast, Headstuff Music Editor Dave Hanratty is joined by his usual partners in crime Craig Fitzpatrick and Colm O’Regan, as well as special guest, Radio Nova’s Conor Irwin. Given that our intrepid trio have been broadcasting with Conor for close to five years, you’d think they’d have covered it all by now, but no; there’s plenty of burning issues up for discussion.

Topics that come under the microscope include – but are not limited to – how to talk to Will.I.Am, why Taylor Swift’s life is like a Father Ted raffle, West Coast rap whodunnits, the latest offering from Pet Shop Boys, and the regrettable indie past of one Johnny Borrell.

ACT ONE: Four men, two gigs; once the pleasantries are dispensed with, Dave and Craig reflect on Girl Band’s live return at Vicar Street, while Colm and Conor attempt to process the multi-sensory assault that was Muse at 3Arena.

ACT TWO (18.17): The eye-catching stories of the week are dissected, including the Taylor Swift Award and its unusual recipient, why on earth The Smiths are on Twitter, and the strange accusations Suge Knight has launched at Dr Dre.

ACT THREE (32:35): The Song Of The Week is revealed – a highly impressive cut from a much-missed Irish act finally making their very welcome return

ACT FOUR (40.02): Why does an interview with Will.I.Am come with more instructions than an IKEA nightstand?

ACT FIVE (48:12): A few more confessions are made in the name of #indieamnesty, while Johnny Borrell’s sweeping-yet-self-deprecating analysis of ‘landfill indie’ is put under the microscope

ACT SIX (65:10): Having pored over the latest, altogether underwhelming, offering from Pet Shop Boys, Super, the verdict is in; also, the new albums you need to check out in the coming seven days.

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