NO ENCORE #031 | Holy Fuck!

It’s Holy Fuck by name and by nature this week on a feature-length episode as NO ENCORE chats to Brian Borcherdt of the profanely-monikered Toronto electronica outfit mere moments before a very raucous indeed Dublin headliner.

With Colm still working on his tan, things are just as rambunctious in-studio as Dave and Craig are joined by returning super-journalist Dean Van Nguyen and the debuting force of nature that is Richard Chambers of Newstalk fame. On the agenda; trolls, clowns, possibly immortal musicians, protest songs and two albums of very different quality. Oh, and Lou Bega.


ACT ONE: Your usual introduction fun and games and a brief recap of Death Grips’ appointment with Dublin before Dave sits down with Holy Fuck to discuss serious clown business, Bob Dylan, Nickelback, Drake and how the band put together latest record Congrats.

ACT TWO (25:35): Leonard Cohen makes us all look foolish, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees are unleashed, Chuck Berry returns at 90 years young, Frank Ocean snubs the Grammys and Azealia Banks has a scrap with Hollywood hard man Russell Crowe.

ACT THREE (48:30): A contentious Songs of the Week brings together Eminem, El Vy, Ab Soul, Rejjie Snow and the late, great David Bowie. Also, some thoughts on Mel Gibson.

ACT FOUR (1:18:30): Two albums up for discussion this week as stadium rock titans Kings of Leon aim right down the middle with their seventh studio effort while the combination of Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge make a stirring first impression together.

Exit Music: Games Violet – ‘Tin Box’