NO ENCORE #130 | Live @ Electric Picnic 2018 ~!

With more pep in their step than could reasonably be expected after two days of relentless hijinks, our brave NO ENCORE boys kicked off Sunday’s programme at the Ah Hear stage, right at the heart of Electric Picnic 2018.

Dave, Colm and supersub Daithí – with a cameo from the wonderful MayKay –  manned the mics for a joyfully raucous episode that was declared best podcast of the weekend by The Irish Times, and that’s the paper of record, don’t ya know…

ACT ONE: The weekend’s proceedings are pored over in the company of late arrival MayKay – from the vivacity of Versatile to the B.O.R.E. of N.E.R.D.

ACT TWO: Colm arrives from news from afar; an Ed Sheeran alteration, a Michael Jackson impersonation, a Metallica libation, and more for good measure…

ACT THREE: The rule is run over the new releases of the week. Fall Out Boy turn the clock back, Muse look to the future, and Soulé reaffirms that she’s very much of the now – Liam Payne and Nao also chip in with their latest efforts.