NO ENCORE #174 | Nealo Before Zod

That’s a Superman II reference, kids. It’s a case of ‘abandon ship’ this week as the entire crew leaves Dave on his lonesome. Sad times.

Luckily, the birthday boy is able to call on ace rising rapper Nealo as a co-host. Tangent-friendly chaos ensues as the boys talk Longitude, Versatile, Jeremy Renner (yes, again) and being middle-aged now.

ACT ONE: Fresh from Longitude, Nealo gives his perspective from both onstage and off.

ACT TWO: News! The Jeremy Renner rabbit hole goes deep, JAY-Z aims that little bit higher, and Metallica look to expand their audience.

ACT THREE: Songs of the Week with Villagers, Madlib, and Sampa The Great.

ACT FOUR: More news because Dave forgot some.

ACT FIVE: Steven King of Fangclub discusses his band’s new album Vulture Culture and the unique personal struggles he overcame to deliver it.



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