Oh, brother. It’s a big one as the NO POPCORN team of Hanratty, Higgins and Howard re-convene to shine a light on the genuinely incredible BROS: AFTER THE SCREAMING STOPS.

A documentary on par with Metallica: Some Kind of Monster and This Is Spinal Tap sees two brothers warring with each other and their own colossal, bruised egos as a race against time ticks down in the background. Truly jaw-dropping stuff.

ACT ONE: What We’ve Been Watching including early Coen Brothers, recent arthouse fare and a ringing endorsement for the deeply compelling Sunderland ‘Til I Die.

ACT TWO [20:00]: The main event comes screaming into focus as Matt and Luke Goss take centre stage. Were/are Bros any good? Do you wind up rooting for them here? Have they been stitched up by the filmmakers? Can we possibly pick just one quote to highlight? And the most important question of all; Team Matt or Team Luke?

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