Episode #4 | A Short History of Syphilis

This month we have HeadStuff history columnist, Ciaran Conliffe to tell us about how Syphilis has shaped the Western world for the past 500 years. And we play a game called “Who in History has had Syphilis?” Spoiler alert: a LOT of them!


Episode #4 BONUS | Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

A lot of the research for this episode came from the following sources:

Book: HISTORY, SEX AND SYPHILIS: Famous Syphilitics and Their Private Lives.

HeadStuff articles about some of the people mentioned, and historical figures who had Syphilis:

Abe Sada

Charles Baudelaire

The Campbells (divorce over him infecting her with syphilis).

Here’s an article on The Irish Independent from last year about a 20% rise in Syphilis cases in Ireland.

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Music by Shane O’Sullivan
This episode was produced by Alan Bennett.