Overinformed - Let's talk about sex

Overinformed | What is happening to sex?

Can we talk about sex? Great. There is a lot going on.

Women around the world who have been sexually harassed are speaking out about what happened to them and not feeling the repercussions themselves, to the point where reports of sexual violence have increased.

Simultaneously, it has been observed that around the world, sexual activity has declined among young adults and teenagers. Is it Private Browsing’s fault? Are men being turned off by empowered women? Why are men afraid of women who know what they want?

Also wasn’t sexuality supposed to be liberated half a century ago? See we have a lot to talk about on today’s episode of Overinformed.

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Annie Spinkle Profile:
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Clips/Sounds Used in Annie Sprinkle Profile:
Gavel – 3 Strikes with room reverb by odditonic CC BY 3.0 
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book_browsing1.wav by animatik CC BY 3.0
Pencil, Writing, Close, A.wav by InspectorJ CC BY 3.0
Yale University Radio Interview
Trailer for “Water Makes Us Wet” 
Video of Ecosexual Weddings Project 

Music Used in Annie Sprinkle Profile:
A New Year by Scott Buckley CC BY 3.0
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My Body is a Temple For a Multimedia Whore by Annie Sprinkle (excerpt)
No? Yeah! by LiQWYD
Funky souls by Arthur-Marie Brillouin CC BY 3.0 
Wasted Years by INOSSI 

Opening Music: Make Believe by oDDling
Closing Music: Say Goodbye by Hiroshi Satoh

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