#9 | Silly Summit Season

This week the guys talk about the upcoming summit that’s turned out to be something of a damp squib.
Paddy Brussels makes a timely return while Aarti Shankar, policy analysist with Open Europe, makes her pod debut.

In the first half we discuss with Paddy Brussels:
3:50 Brussels being fed up with brexit
5:10 How the summit has petered out as being relevent to brexit and why the UK backstop position doesn’t work
7:53 Is a no deal a realistic proposition.
8:37 Can Merkel get support for her position on asylum?
9:10 And we talk about an imperfect backstop versus none at all.
10:11 Ireland’s allies in a new, non UK Europe.
In the second half we talk to Aarti Shankar and we talk about:
13:41 Why people voted to leave the EU (immigration unsurprisingly pops up)
17:10 Will there be a second referendum?
18:13 What role will the UK parliament have in deciding a final deal, and whether the pro EU Tory rebels aren’t rebels at all.
21:16 How the EU summit is now a damp squib
22:30 Why the UK backstop proposition doesn’t work but equally why the EU aren’t being realistic in negotiations
26:15 Why are the EU backing Ireland so strongly?
27:54 Is a no deal scenario a bluff and will the final timeline in October actually be pushed back?
30:17 How frustrated are UK businesses?

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