#2 | EU legalese, Theresa May’s Treatise and a lack of Northern Irish Niceties

On this week’s episode of Paddy Wants To Know Brexit the guys look at Theresa May’s speech on Brexit. Did it move the dial enough to provide a breakthrough in negotiations? In the first half they also review the legal text of phase one of the negotiations, focusing in on the border and the UK and Brussels’ reaction to it.

The interview this week is with Ursula Ní Shabhaois, an Irish language activist. We hear why the Irish Language Act is holding up the restoration of the Northern Irish Assembly, whether a united Ireland is now on the agenda since Brexit, and whether or not the Common Travel Area will actually be retained post Brexit.

See an annotated version of Theresa May’s speech in the Financial Times here: https://ig.ft.com/may-brexit-speech-annotated/

And a draft of the EU legal text that we discussed in phase one here: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-18-1243_en.htm