Erin McGathy plays Personality Bingo with Tom Moran

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Erin McGathy is a comedian, podcast host, performer and writer newly relocated to Dublin.

Irish audiences will best know Erin from Dreamgun Film Reads and Mob Theatre. As well as this, Erin has appeared on NBC’s Community, Comedy Central’s Drunk History, Seeso’s Harmonquest and can be heard on podcasts This Feels Terrible, Human Conversation and Harmontown. A regular at the UCB Theatre Los Angeles, The Nerdist Comedy Theatre, and iOWest, Erin has also performed at The Second City in both LA and Chicago.

She has mounted several performances and plays in the U.S. and abroad. Raised on many an American Navel base around the globe, Erin studied comedy and writing at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles and acting at San Francisco State University.