Eva O’Connor plays Personality Bingo with Tom Moran

It’s episode number fourteen and Eva O’Connor plays Personality Bingo With Tom Moran. Eva is an actor and writer from Ireland but currently living in England. Check out Maz and Bricks in the project arts centre until this Saturday. This year will be her 7th Ed Fringe with a new show which she will bring to the Dublin Fringe in September and keep an eye out for her new TV Series on BBC3!



Here’s how the show works:

60 Balls. 60 Minutes. 60 Questions. In those 60 minutes, Tom rolls his 13 euro Argos bought Bingo ball machine and asks his guest the corresponding question to that number ball. At the beginning of the show, the guest receives 6 numbers and if their 6 balls are drawn, they get to pick any question to ask Tom and he has to give a totally honest answer.

In this week’s episode, Tom and Eva discuss having evangelical parents, fetishes and what its like to write yourself into plays.

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Personality Bingo original artwork by Conor Nolan
This episode was produced by Taz Kelleher. Taz has a podcast which explores the little moments in life that we all share. It’s called MomentsPodcast and can be found here.