John Butler Plays Personality Bingo With Tom Moran

John Butler is a writer and director who is best known for his films Handsome Devil and The Stag. John has collaborated with the best in the business including Andrew Scott, Domhnall Gleeson, Amy Huberman and Moe Dunford.

As well as this, he has written and directed award-winning shorts for the Irish Film Board and directed and co-wrote the 6-part TV sketch show Your Bad Self. He is an occasional columnist and interviewer for the Irish Times and his writing has appeared in the Dublin Review, the San Francisco Chronicle and on NPR. As a novelist, John found success with his debut novel The Tenderloin which is described as a freshly narrated, beautifully observed and emotionally affecting story of a young man’s struggle for self-definition, told with equal parts charm, humour and lyricism from a new Irish talent.

This Irish director and writer has been getting lots of attention for his most recent work, Handsome Devil, which was recognized at the Toronto International Film Festival and appeared on many critics’ 2016 year-end “best” lists and he is currently in the process of editing his latest film Papi Chulo which will star Matt Bomer. Twitter: @mrjohnbutler


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