Mark Cantan plays Personality Bingo with Tom Moran

Mark Cantan is comedy writer/performer from Dublin. He has written material for radio, TV, film, theatre, internet, magazines and birthday cards. He produces material himself as well as working as a hired hand on other people’s projects. He is also skilled at acting, video editing, sound recording/editing, music production, puppeteering, singing, clapping, and dancing around.

For 4 nights in February Mark Cantan is going to attempt the impossible: show off his many, many talents while also trying not to come across as a self-impressed egomaniac. This variety show includes acting, music, improvisation, mime, stand up, dance, impressions and very mild stunt work. But it’s more than just showing off. The show has moments of both comedy and sentiment as each of the talents is actually a window into a new story. There’s a song about a boy born with no gravity, a mime about an unlucky man who finds his soul-mate and a magic show presented by a woman who doesn’t like her own smile.

While watching performances of his award-winning play “Jezebel” Mark realised that the distant relationship between the writer and the audient wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to bring his relationship with the audience closer, to address them more directly and horde all the glory.

After years of bubbling around obscurity, Cantan is looking to find a way to break through and launch his career to a new level. That’s why he’s going to try and do all the things that he can, all at once, and see if any of them stick.

It’s a careering cavalcade of sketches and stories as one man attempts to wrestle every sliver of skill out of himself. A mix of comedy and drama with bizarre characters, touching tales and playful improvisation. Come see a man give his all to entertain you.

Here are some small excerpts from the last performance of the show:

Plus plenty more stuff:

Here’s how the show works:

60 Balls. 60 Minutes. 60 Questions. In those 60 minutes, Tom rolls his 13 euro Argos bought Bingo ball machine and asks his guest the corresponding question to that number ball. At the beginning of the show, the guest receives 6 numbers and if their 6 balls are drawn, they get to pick any question to ask Tom and he has to give a totally honest answer. Listen to previous games of Personality Bingo here.

Producer Taz also has a podcast that you should listen to!

Have you always wanted to listen to podcasts but complained that- ‘you just don’t have the time’? Well this is a podcast to meet YOUR schedule. In The Shower with Taz and Marcus is a 15 minute podcast aimed to be listened to while you’re in the shower. 

So as you undress your beautiful body, press play and listen to the hosts debunk the questions you’ve always had, but have never looked up the answers to. At the Cinema which armrest/cup holder is yours? Can a plane take off a treadmill? How do drugs work? Why do we never see baby pigeons?

Let us broaden your mind, as you wash your behind.

Episodes are released on Mondays in time for your morning shower.

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Personality Bingo original artwork by Conor Nolan