Personality Bingo with Tom Moran | Trailer

It’s the trailer for Personality Bingo with Tom Moran, the brand new podcast on The HeadStuff Podcast Network!


Here’s how the show works:

60 Balls. 60 Minutes. 60 Questions. In those 60 minutes, Tom rolls his 14Euro Bingo ball machine and asks his guest the corresponding question to that number. Before this magic starts, each guest receives 6 numbers and if their 6 balls are drawn, they get to pick any question to ask Tom and he has to give you a totally honest answer.

In the weeks to come we will be getting down and dirty with a list of guests including Red Rock‘s India Mullen, The Gaiety’s Kate Gilmore, Facts contributors Ryan Cullen and John Kelly to name but a few. 

The First episode of Personality Bingo with Tom Moran with the ever hilarious Davey Reilly will be out THIS Sunday, so subscribe now on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts so that you’ll be first to get new episodes as soon as they come out.

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Personality Bingo original artwork by Conor Nolan
This episode was produced by Taz Kelleher.